Named after my grandmother, Kata. . .

 Photo courtesy of   Taryn Penrose

Photo courtesy of Taryn Penrose

My grandmother was Kata. She was a 14 year old immigrant from war-torn Croatia. She had dreams of coming to America to create her own business, and help her family left behind. Unfortunately things didn't work out that way for her. She was promised a much older man to be wed, unbeknownst to her. She had three children at a very young age. Life for her was not as she planned. Years later, she met my Grandfather, Ignacious. He was very kind and a hard worker. Also an immigrant, from Serbia. They married, and later had six children together, running a beautiful family farm.

The thing I remember most about my grandmother was how creative and artistic she was. There was nothing she couldn't do; she was strong.

I named my business after her for those reasons. To, in some way, fulfil the magic she couldn't. I'm forever grateful for my lineage, and being exposed to strong determined women my entire life

And then there's me...

I've always loved to create. For as long as I can remember I have been creating. Whether it was paintig, writing, sewing, designing or re-purposing. Music lover. Moon child. Boy mom (and Chihuahua mom). Daughter. Free spirit. Gypsy soul. Lover of life, music ,dreams, and poetry. Always up for a good cup of coffee, good tunes and getting lost in nature.

Deep as the ocean romantic.