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Since 2010, Kata Banko Couture has crafted one of a kind bridal accessories for brides who want to make a unique statement with heirloom-quality design. 

Kata Banko Couture Blog: Behind the scenes, brand news and inspiration

A look at the behind the scenes and inner workings of couture accessory line, Kata Banko Couture from the perspective of head designer, Colleen Bankovich. 

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Alex Perry

For those of us willing to consider the changes with planetary and celestial happenings as they may relate to us down here on Earth, we know something big is on the horizon: November’s Scorpio new moon. The new moon represents the cleansing and renewing of a cycle of time. Astrologers are saying this particular month’s new moon will be a soul-touching event.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 2.37.26 PM.png

Riding this wave of liberating and passionate energy, couture accessory designer Kata Banko Couture releases the Axis Collection. The Axis Collection, previewed in October at New York Bridal Fashion Week, features textures of fine and coarse grain sand in moonstone, amazonite, garnet, and other precious and powerful gemstones. These materials give each accessory an authentically raw quality, and mesmerizing texture. Custom metal stampings, cast in floral and leaf arrangements, serve as the base for these sands to come to life. These USA-made stampings imbue each piece with its signature Kata Banko Couture look.

Inspired by our own love stories, these lovingly crafted accessories were designed to harness the soul-cleansing power of precious crystals and stones, blessing the love between star-crossed partners. The accessories’ transformative medium, from solid to sand, makes a perfect statement on the day of this month’s passionate new moon – and of course, a bride’s wedding day.